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Changing the Odds for Boston's Youth

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Reason #3: Because I saw transformations happen

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This summer, I believe I saw the best youth development program in Boston, if not in the country.  I’m a fundraiser at Roxbury Presbyterian Church Social Impact Center, which houses the Trinity Education for Excellence Program (TEEP) @ Roxbury summer program.  Watching the TEEP @ Roxbury staff from my office, I saw they were on fire with drive and clear, focused mentorship of the youth. 

Each week had a theme—Respect, Responsibility, Restraint, Reciprocity, & Redemption. Readingsand fieldtrips supported the themes, while daily group meetings gave youth a chance to discuss these ideals and hear feedback from staff on their own performance. The youth took TEEP to heart, acknowledging when they weren’t living up to expectations, re-committing themselves to doing better, and then following through in the next week. 

It was truly a privilege to watch this program in action every day.  The curriculum and the staff more than live up to the “E” for Excellence in their name.   Watching the youth respond with respect and curiosity to TEEP's academic and life lessons curriculum, I felt that my twenty-year career has brought me to the best there is!

-Nancy Kilburn, Roxbury Presbyterian Church Social Impact Center

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