Building Opportunity with Press Pass TV

Career Panel Pic

On May 17th, two Trinity Boston Foundation staff members and three TEEP students attended the second annual Career Exploration Night hosted by Press Pass TV, an organization that uses the power of media arts to provide meaningful employment and education for youth living in low-income neighborhoods. The event was designed to allow youth to practice their professional networking skills through a “speed-dating” design, but proved to do more than just enhance interpersonal skills.

“It was a very powerful event and it was a joy to see adults and youth of color work with each other and sharing wisdom.” – Nate Tolbert, Trinity Boston Counseling Center

TEEP’s mission is to build a community that inspires, empowers and affirms youth. By engaging with other organizations, youth, and adult professionals, our intimate TEEP community is able to grow. Over the years we’ve learned that young people are ever-curious about our own career paths. This collaboration with Press Pass TV and others like it offer our youth a change to find their own paths to success.


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