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Sole Train: Boston Runs Together

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Mission and Goals:

Sole Train: Boston Runs Together, founded in 2009 as part of Trinity Boston Foundation, is a free running and mentoring program for Boston youth. We aim to inspire the city’s youth to realize their full potential and accomplish goals they never thought possible as they train for and complete a half-marathon. We focus on the following strategic goals:

  • Building a safe, supportive and inclusive community where all youth are welcome;

  • Encouraging and fostering self-confidence, perseverance and responsibility by achieving personal and collective goals;

  • Learning healthy habits through exercise and nutrition education;

  • Expanding one's sense of possibility, community and capacity to grow and change the world;

  • Connecting youth to additional supports, including academic, mental health and vocational services.

Sole Train youth learn that even seemingly impossible goals can be achieved when they identify the necessary steps that need to be taken, attain the appropriate support, and develop self-confidence. Youth then learn to transfer these skills to other areas of their lives and strive to reach their full potential. 

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