Trinity Education for Excellence Program (TEEP)


Trinity Education for Excellence Program (TEEP) empowers students to achieve excellence, both inside and outside of the classroom. This tuition-free, out-of-school-time character and leadership development program engages Boston Public middle and high school students with a safe and supportive community. TEEP focuses on youth development through a fusion of academic support, experiential learning, and community building. The application deadline for TEEP admission is April 14, 2017. Applications can be downloaded here.


Middle School Program

Academic classes help combat summer learning loss and shore up basic skills.Summer Program

At the heart of TEEP is a five-week intensive summer program during which rising seventh-, eighth-, and ninth- grade students hone their confidence and exercise leadership. The summer learning program is built around TEEP’s core values: Respect – Responsibility –Restraint – Reciprocity – Redemption. Through a combination of project-based academic work and enrichment opportunities that include rowing, sailing, yoga, creative writing, and photography, TEEP helps students develop academic confidence and discover their voice.

High School Admissions

TEEP offers all eighth-grade TEEP participants and their families one-to-one coaching and community workshops that help them navigate the complex process of high school admissions in Boston.  The program’s goal is to place every participant in a best-fit high school. TEEP also offers a free Independent School Entrance Exam (ISEE) test preparation course for students to help them gain entrance to Boston’s exam schools and a variety of independent schools.

High School Leadership Development Program

TEEP Creating Globe

If students complete all three summers of the middle school program, they can apply to join the Leadership Development Program (LDP). The LDP trains youth in active leadership, professionalism, and civic engagement. The GIVE values introduced in 9th Grade Summer are at the core of LDP programming and evaluation: Gratitude – Integrity – Intentionality – Influence – Vision – Enthusiasm. The program prepares student to become active leaders are committed to social justice and public service. LDP participants who meet requirements are eligible to work in the summer as counselors and mentors for the next generation of middle school students.


teep21College Planning and Academic Support

During the LDP, our one-on-one coaching model equips students with the tools to achieve their goals and make intentional the post-secondary plans, as well as build safety and trust in community. These tools include goal-setting, academic check-ins, test preparation, essay writing and financial forecasting programs. TEEP staff also coordinate college visits and other experiential learning opportunities that can help students achieve their career goals. All graduates from TEEP’s high school Leadership Development Program have completed college or armed services training within five years of matriculating.






Trinity hugs

Trinity Church is like our home and TEEP is like our family. It has been an amazing five weeks and although that first day we may not have known each other, all of us have developed bonds, friendships, and memories that will last a lifetime.Christine (7th grade)

RoadMap to College

TEEP has given me a lot of reasons to be grateful. One thing I’m really grateful for is the Road Map to College (RMC) offered at TEEP. They start this process as early as middle school. With the RMC, I was able to get into a really good private high school, Boston College High School, and they worked with me throughout my high school journey to help me have a greater chance to attend a four-year college. They offered tutoring, SAT Prep classes, peer mentors on college applications, and colleges trips to name a few. TEEP has a great hard-working staff who really do care about you and want to see you achieve excellence. I am currently attending Fairfield University thanks to the RMC program at TEEP, and for that I am very grateful this holiday season.Standy, TEEP alum and freshman at Fairfield University

Curious Creatures

Walking into TEEP for the first time, I wasn’t sure if it was the smiles that surrounded me, or the enthusiasm in the room, that made me feel so welcomed, so accepted. Honestly it might be a little sentimental, but it was the first time in a long time that I felt wanted. That first summer at TEEP where not only did I learn the importance of the 5R’s – Respect, Responsibility, Restraint, Redemption, and Reciprocity – but I learned the importance of family and friendship. TEEP changed me.Joseph, TEEP 11th grader

This summer, I believe I saw the best youth development program in Boston, if not in the country. I’m a fundraiser at Roxbury Presbyterian Church Social Impact Center, which houses the Trinity Education for Excellence Program (TEEP) @ Roxbury summer program. Watching the TEEP @ Roxbury staff from my office, I saw they were on fire with drive and clear, focused mentorship of the youth.

Each week had a theme—Respect, Responsibility, Restraint, Reciprocity, & Redemption. Readings and fieldtrips supported the themes, while daily group meetings gave youth a chance to discuss these ideals and hear feedback from staff on their own performance. The youth took TEEP to heart, acknowledging when they weren’t living up to expectations, re-committing themselves to doing better, and then following through in the next week.

It was truly a privilege to watch this program in action every day. The curriculum and the staff more than live up to the “E” for Excellence in their name. Watching the youth respond with respect and curiosity to TEEP’s academic and life lessons curriculum, I felt that my twenty-year career has brought me to the best there is!Nancy Kilburn, Roxbury Presbyterian Church Social Impact Center